Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Okay, so hopefully blogging doesn't become a "4 times a year" type of thing. I think I would do it more if I was more familiar with how to work it all, and if I took more pictures and what not and could ACTUALLY get them onto a computer to show the world. But aaannyways, let's dive into my life and see what's new, shall we??

1 - Cooking/baking on a daily basis... is everyone surprised yet?

2 - My living place and roommates. I moved back to the Goodman Apartments (if you ever went to EA, you know that these are the apartments where all the boys go to mooch food off of all of the single, cute, homemaker-esque girls. Ha, just kidding. But seriously.. Our apartment now consists of myself, Brittney Decker (given), Kristy Partridge from Wickenburg, and Daphne Brown from St. David. We're all the best of friends and I couldn't ask to live with better, more fun girls. LOVE EM.

(Britt, Kristy, me, Daphne)

and that's it! Just kidding. But those the biggies right now I suppose. We also like going around saying things like "Mr. F!" and "For british eyes ooon-ly!" (if you watch Arrested Development, you'll know JUST how humorous those phrases are. Oh and while I'm here, I might as well blog about one fun time we had in particular. 2 words: Spencer Hippo.

Brittney always says that Spencer Packer looks like a hippo for some reason..? So one day she was talking about how funny it'd be to have a picture of a big herd of hippos and then have Spencer's face randomly be on one of the hippos body's haha, ahh.. The results are obvious here.

Oh, and as I was just googling the word "hippos" to try to find the original picture we used, google tried to complete what I was trying to say. You know how that goes.. The word was hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

Say THAT ten times fast!

Just kidding, DON'T. You'd probably get hurt. Bad.
But guess what the definition was?.....
and I quote....

fear of long words.

My work here is done...


  1. Ahh you watch Arrested Development!

  2. FINALLY you post again on this thing.. Haha! We watch A.D. all the time at our aparment.. "WHO THE **** ATE MY HARD BOILED EGGS?!?" Miss you.