Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shame shame... and other stuff.

So I bet you're all like "What?? Amanda is ACTUALLY posting something on her own blog? Doesn't she know that you have to blog MORE than twice a year?"...

Yes my friends... For this, I am ashamed..

I just want to let everyone know that my blog still lives, and that I am going to make a very decent attempt to keep it up! I love blogging, I do.. It just doesn't love me - still trying to "figure it all out".

You may also mark my words that as soon as I get my hands on a camera, I'm going to be posting recipes and how-to's GALORE!! I have been thinking and thinking and thinking hard about all of the recipes I could make and then post.. and I am just soo excited :) So BE PREPARED! I wish I had something to share at the moment, but no.. I am still technically a slack-blogger.

These promises will be delivered. Promptly. As soon as I get a camera device.


Oh, but P.S... how necessary is it to get a super cute apron if I'm going to possibly be in pictures here on this blog for all the world to see? I would say VERY NECESSARY. Don't want to take any chances with an old apron! :)  Here are a few I DEFINITELY wouldn't mind owning!

I know what I want for Christmas! :) That bird one is my favorite.. Love them birdies.


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